Fifth European Mathematical Congress

5-T H . E U R O P E A N . C O N G R E S S . O F . M A T H E M A T I C S
A M S T E R D A M more HORIZONTAL SPACE1 4 - 1 8 J U L Y ..2 0 0 8

Pictures of Amsterdam courtesy of Rent A Boat Amsterdam Program 5ECM Amsterdam

R E G I S T R A T I O N, .A C C O M O D A T I O N, . A N D .E X C U R S I O N S

Deadline complete electronic registration June 25

After June 25 the electronic registration will fase out. E.g. it will not be possible to have later registrations inserted in the list of participants in the programme book. It may also be hard to book a hotel. Concerning registration, please read the following information carefully: As of now, registration is only possible on site, during 5ECM, July 13-18 at the RAI in Amsterdam.

Pre- registration July 13

On Sunday July 13 it is possible (and advised!) to register and pick up your conference bag and badge at the RAI in Amsterdam, between 17:00 and 19:00.

Registration on Monday, July 14, starts at 7:30 in the RAI in Amsterdam.

How to reach the RAI is explained here.

The opening Ceremony starts at 8:45.

Booking a hotel is possible via Rai hotel service.

In case of any questions concerning registration and/or booking a hotel, please contact:

  • International Conference Services BV
  • P.O. Box 14645
  • 1001 LC Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands
  • Tel: +31 20 679 3218
  • Fax: +31 20 675 8236
  • E-mail:
In particular, the web master of this 5ECM site can unfortunately not help you with this.