Fifth European Mathematical Congress

5-T H . E U R O P E A N . C O N G R E S S . O F . M A T H E M A T I C S
A M S T E R D A M more HORIZONTAL SPACE1 4 - 1 8 J U L Y ..2 0 0 8

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The complete program

P R O G R A M - O V E R V I E W

On Monday the program will start with an Opening Ceremony, followed by the Prize Giving Ceremony and a Plenary lecture. In the afternoon there will be parallel Invited lectures and Prize lectures, followed by a Plenary lecture. In the evening we scheduled a special program, the Brouwer medal ceremony, organized by KWG, about which you can read further on.

On the other days the conference offers Plenary, Science, Invited and Prize lectures, four sessions of mini-symposia, and an industrial round table meeting on Tuesday. On Thursday, KWG organizes the so-called Beeger lecture, about which you can read further on.

During the conference, participants will get the occasion to present posters about their research.