Giving to 5ECM

Conferences like 5ECM are expensive to organize. The organization is trying hard to keep the conference fee reasonable and to establish funds that allow mathematicians with limited means, because they are young or originating from developing countries, to participate.

You can contribute to 5ECM by transferring your donation to International bank account number (IBAN) NL57PSTB0005004882
The BIC code of the Postbank is PSTBNL 21
or, when transferring from a Dutch bank account, to Postbank 5004882
Stichting Fifth European Congress of Mathematics,

Your gift may be tax deductible! Regulations vary from country to country. Please indicate how you wish to be in the list of contibutors, by name or "anonymous". You can indicate if you give with a specific purpose:

  • Funds for young mathematicians
  • Funds for mathematicians from developing countries
  • Prizes
  • General means